Writers Bloc: Who was that guy?

Updated: July 2, 2003, 9:15 AM ET
By Jim Baker
  • So, who was that guy wearing Roberto Alomar's Mets uniform the past season and a-half? Did the Indians trade the real Alomar or did he retire and have a lookalike sent in his place while he collected the paychecks and the Indians got Matt Lawton and prospects in return? Jack Curry sifts through the wreckage of Alomar's stint with the Mets in today's New York Times.

  • Braves telecasts just don't seem right without long-time announcers Skip Carey and Pete Van Wieren. Their telecast schedule was greatly reduced this year by TBS with the caveat that the situation would be reviewed. Tim Tucker of the Atlanta Journal Constitution writes that evaluation is now taking place in earnest.

  • On Tuesday, we ran a link to Jack Etkin's piece on the great Stan Musial and the response was universally positive. The Rocky Mountain News also employed the writing services of another great left-handed swinger, former Royal George Brett, to offer some commentary on Musial. Brett's appreciation of Stan the Man did not come as a boy but much later on as a player and then as a fellow Hall of Famer. He paints a picture of the man with the corkscrew stance as someone who has gotten the most out of life.

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