Chicago adding lots of baggage

Updated: July 2, 2003, 9:22 AM ET
By Jim Baker
Give the White Sox credit this time around, they are not taking the Central Division race lightly. As late as last week, there was some speculation they would be sellers in the second half, with Bartolo Colon rumors floating around the trade winds. General manager Kenny Williams has completely turned the tables on that, however, adding veterans Roberto Alomar from the Mets and Carl Everett from the Rangers yesterday as he looks to bolster the team's offense in an attempt to run down the surprising Royals and sputtering Twins.

All trades have a certain air of the crapshoot about them and these two are no exception. Players don't become available for trading without a reason, especially in this day and age. Just about every player who comes to a new team does so with at least some baggage in hand and in the case of the two newest White Sox, there is a veritable airport carousel worth of baggage in their van.

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