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Updated: July 3, 2003, 11:09 AM ET
By By Terry Brown | NBA Insider

Chicago Bulls: Jay Williams took his first major step to recovery by literally moving his left foot. His agent, Bill Duffy, says that proves his client will return to the NBA amidst speculation that the point guard's career was over after only one season following a motorcycle accident. "Our goal is that Jay will be back on the court in 2004-05 earning the money the Bulls are paying him," Duffy was quoted in the Chicago Sun-Times. More surgeries are planned for Williams, but despite the outcome, the Bulls have said they will honor his rookie contract even if he never plays again.

Houston Rockets: Patrick Ewing, a former all-star center for the Knicks and assistant coach with the Wizards, has joined his former coach Jeff Van Gundy on the bench in Houston and is already working on Yao Ming's game."I think (Ewing) loves the game," general manager Carroll Dawson said to the Houston Chronicle. "He seems to love teaching. In talking to him, it was pretty evident he was going to coach somewhere. I think he got hooked last year. It's pretty evident he has a passion for it. This is a pretty exciting team to work with. A lot of things can happen. I think Patrick sees that as well."