Football could be in Henson's future

Updated: July 10, 2003, 2:11 PM ET
By By Darrell Trimble | NFL Insider
Will Drew Henson forsake his dream of playing third base for the New York Yankees and decide instead to play professional football? The question has been asked ad nauseum and Henson's reply is always the same, "No." In a recent interview he mentioned the question is getting old, but recent developments in the Yankee organization are sure to give the query new life.

Shortstop prospect Erick Almonte, who earlier in the season replaced the injured Derek Jeter, is now being groomed for a move to third, while Henson might be shifted to the outfield. The timing of such a move signals the team's displeasure with Henson's progress with the Triple-A Columbus Clippers.

Current third baseman Robin Ventura's average has dropped 40 points over the last month, and he has a history of getting worse after the All-Star break. And given the fact that he's a free agent next year that most likely will not be re-signed, this would be the perfect opportunity for Henson to establish himself as the future keeper of the hot corner in Yankee Stadium.