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Updated: July 14, 2003, 9:31 AM ET
By By Terry Brown | NBA Insider
New Jersey Nets: Head coach Byron Scott has made it very clear that he has yet to talk to Jason Kidd of rumors that the two are at odds but he isn't hesitating to talk about his young star Kenyon Martin and the team's latest addition Alonzo Mourning. "I think Kenyon loves challenges," Scott said in the NY Daily News. "And having Zo, a guy that is so much like him on the defensive end, it is almost like a competition with those guys going after rebounds and blocked shots. So that is a challenge to Kenyon, probably just to see if he can get as many rebounds, block as many shots. I know that last year when Richard (Jefferson) at one point had more rebounds, Kenyon takes that personal and all of a sudden, Kenyon started being a monster on the glass. So to me, this is going to make Kenyon better and better."

Houston Rockets: Young guard Tito Maddox had a few words for veterans Steve Francis and Yao Ming. "First of all, he won't take no mess from nobody," said Maddox of new coach Jeff Van Gundy in the Houston Chronicle. "He will be a great coach for this program. We have a young team. Everybody is willing to learn. He works us so hard. That's to our advantage. It gets us in shape, and training camp is just around the corner. I think training camp is going to be worse. Hopefully, I'll be there. If I am, I'll be ready."

Washington Wizards: If you haven't heard by now, recently re-signed Wizard guard Jerry Stackhouse has been arrested on assault charges after he and a representative of a rental company argued over the terms of his lease. "She felt threatened to the point where she made the phone call to the police department," Sgt. Chris Fuller of the Atlantic Beach Police Department said in the Washington Post. "She was referred to the magistrate's office and obtained a warrant for assault on a female." The victim was allegedly grabbed on the arm by Stackhouse after they debated the time of his departure from the property.