Benitez, Cedeno could be next to go

Updated: July 15, 2003, 11:08 AM ET
By Jim Baker
The Mets are bound and determined to remake their roster before your very eyes, leading one to speculate what might happen if they were to deal closer Armando Benitez this very day. As the team's only All-Star rep, what would become of him for tonight's game? Would he appear in the uniform of his new team? What if he were to be traded to the American League? What then? Chances are that he will not be moved between now and the start of the game, but it's fun to speculate what would happen if he was. The frontrunners for his services continue to be the cross-town Yankees and their cross-division rivals, the Red Sox.

"If this gets done, I would think it will be in the next 24 hours," an un-named source with the Yankees told the New York Daily News.

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