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Updated: July 15, 2003, 11:12 AM ET
By By Terry Brown | NBA Insider

Washington Wizards: Jerry Stackhouse's recent family vacation began with T-shirts that read: "Stackhouses and Dawsons, a family that prays together stays together," included large barbeque grills, perhaps as many as 150 people and even a minister. But it ended with Patricia Nagy, who worked for the leasing company managing the beach home, filing assault charges against the Wizard guard for allegedly grabbing her arm. "We could hear people talking and laughing but we were amazed that so many people were so well behaved," neighbor Brantley Peck said to the Washington Post. "There was no trouble whatsoever. On Sunday morning, they had a minister give a service in the tent. The whole weekend, they were very respectful of their neighbors." The incident arouse after Nagy told Stackhouse that he had overstayed his lease agreement and that another family was waiting to use the guest property. "We were miserable last night," John Henicheck, the next guest, said. "When you've been planning a vacation for a year and then something like this happens. . . . I didn't want him to put us up. I wanted to start my vacation. I can't find words to describe what he did to us." Misdemeanor assault charges are pending.