Writers Bloc: Giant feat

Updated: July 17, 2003, 11:12 AM ET
By Jim Baker
  • Sid Hartman of the Minneapolis Star Tribune thinks trading Bobby Kielty for 69 games worth of Shannon Stewart was not in the team's best interests. I would have to concur with that assessment.

  • The next eight games will go a long way to showing the world the Royals are the real deal, writes Joe Posnanski of the Kansas City Star. Seattle, Oakland and Minnesota are the opponents. Why are these games important? Because they could determine whether the next two teams in the standings -- Chicago and Minnesota -- go from being buyers to sellers in the trading market.

  • Darren Sabedra of the San Jose Mercury News thinks it's quite a feat that the Giants have stayed in first place all season given some of the shortcomings they've encountered along the way. The bust of Edgardo Alfonso and their unsettled starting rotation would be indications that all is not right with the team.

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