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Updated: July 25, 2003, 10:22 AM ET
By By Terry Brown | NBA Insider
New Jersey Nets: Jason Kidd is not only getting along with coach Byron Scott these days, he's petitioning to get along with him for a very long time. "I hope he does get the extension, I do," Kidd said to the NY Times. "For a guy, two out of three years to get to the finals, he's doing something right. . . If there's any question about Coach's and my relationship, it's great and we want to push forward. That whole thing about me coming in demanding stuff, that's not my personality or it's not on my agenda. My agenda is to win ballgames." The all star point guard is still trying to put down rumors that he wanted Scott fired before he would re-sign with the Nets this offseason. So as he put his name on a six-year, $103M contract with Scott in his presence, he repeated it one more time: "It definitely hurts Coach in the sense of just coming off the finals and now one of your players doesn't want you," Kidd said. "It's not true."

Minnesota Timberwolves: Last year, rumor had it Wally Szczerbiak wanted out of Minnesota to go back home to play for the Knicks. This year, Knick guard Latrell Sprewell left New York to join Wally in Minnesota and they couldn't be any happier. "Shaq is always going to be a big obstacle, but other than that, we stack up very favorably with anyone in the league," Szczerbiak told The Post. "Position by position, we've upgraded our roster. We made our team much stronger and now we got the horses to do the job. We just have to check our egos at the door. It's going to take a little bit of time." Szczerbiak also mentioned that he would probably be moving to small forward to make room for Spree. "He'll give 100 percent for the Minnesota organization the same way he gave it to the Knicks," Spree's publicist Marvet Britto said. "It's exciting for him to join a player of Kevin Garnett's caliber. This is exciting for him. It's a new start in a new city. He looks forward to joining a consistent playoff contender."

Toronto Raptors: Apparently, Vince Carter doesn't mind being Kobe Bryant's stand in and neither does his team. "It will be good for him, it might get him going again," a source close to Carter said to the Toronto Star about Carter playing for the National Team in the upcoming Olympic qualifying tournament. Carter is coming off two knee injuries and a badly hurt ankle but the Raptors are happy that Shawn Marion and Michael Finley turned down the invitations so that Carter could play.