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Denver Broncos: One of the most interesting camp battles has been between CBs Lenny Walls
and Kelly Herndon. Both were fighting it out to replace former starter
Denard Walker. But it appears that they are no longer running neck and neck
as Walls has moved ahead of Herndon. "Clearly, through the whole series of
camps that we have had, he has established that he is a competitive, capable
corner," defensive coordinator Larry Coyer told the Denver Post. "I don't
mind saying that he's stepped ahead." The Broncos are intrigued with Walls'
6-4 frame, but he has impressed coaches with his ability to stay with
receivers in camp. "He covers guys," said Coyer. "He's competitive, and we
can put him right on a guy, which we haven't been able to do in the past.
That's encouraging. He's earned the right to say that he's a guy who can