Who's The Turk?

Escorting the shadow of doubt out the door of probability.

Updated: August 4, 2003, 4:20 PM ET
By   | ESPN The Magazine
Bob Ryan, vice president, NFL Films: The Turk is the guy who delivers the news that you will no longer be a member of the team. Nice work. But who is he?

Answer Guy

Ernie Accorsi, general manager, New York Giants: The Turk can be anybody: a scout, an equipment manager, the player personnel director. Versatile fellow. Whoever it is, he has to be a crusty person, someone with a slightly sadistic side. I'm not saying The Turk doesn't have feelings deep down. He just can't show them. Poor guy. When you hear, "The coach wants to see you. Bring your playbook," you know The Turk is coming. Yipe! We go to their room first thing in the morning, that way we can get them out of there fast. Dead man waking! When I was GM of the Colts, we had this guy Greg Fields who locked himself in his room and said he wasn't leaving. Dignity to the last. But why "Turk"?