Veterans waiting for the right offer

Updated: August 8, 2003, 12:52 PM ET
By By Jim Wilkie | NHL Insider
Sergei Fedorov winged it from Detroit to join the Mighty Ducks, Derian Hatcher left the Dallas Stars for the Red Wings and Jeff Hackett bolted from Boston for Philadelphia once he got the freedom of free agency this summer.

The biggest names have got their money, but not enough seems to be left for the remaining unrestricted free agents on the market. A good number of quality veteran players are waiting for the right offer. Trouble is most of them aren't getting anything resembling a legitimate offer. Agents say teams have shown interest, but have to sort out some financial issues first.

"I think it would be difficult to find any (unsigned) player this summer that has walked away from an offer as of July 1. I don't know that anybody has walked away from anything that has been seriously proposed to them. I may be wrong, but I don't think anyone (has)," agent Rick Curran, who represents unsigned unrestricted free agent forwards Joe Nieuwendyk and Adam Graves, told NHL Insider this week.