Don't be shocked

Jeremy Shockey's comments have more to do with how much he hates the Cowboys.

Updated: August 8, 2003, 3:58 PM ET
By Tom Friend | ESPN The Magazine
Bill Parcells once called one of his receivers a "she.''

Payback's a b----.

Jeremy Shockey's latest comments about Parcells being a "homo'' are crude and inappropriate ... but it's just how he talks, it's just the redneck in him. It's how he talks around his teammates, around his heavy metal buddies, around Ashton Kutcher, around "chicks'' and, more recently, around people with microphones. This isn't about Shockey thinking Bill Parcells is gay, it's about him hating the Cowboys, despising the Cowboys. He's from Oklahoma -- Cowboy country -- and he thought those same Cowboys were going to draft him out of college. But Dallas took Roy Williams with the eighth overall pick instead, and Shockey flipped out. When I interviewed him for ESPN the Magazine earlier this summer, he said, "I wanted to kill'' the Cowboys. "I wanted to run everyone over on the team. Jerry Jones -- I wanted to run him over and step on his face.''

Tom Friend

ESPN Senior Writer
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