Expos romp leaves Phillies shaken

In Philadelphia, all appears to be gloom and doom in the wake of three beatings at the hands of the Expos.

Updated: August 28, 2003, 10:47 AM ET
By Jim Baker | MLB Insider
In this week's Baker's Dozen, I wrote, "So, what if the Expos sweep the Phillies and play .650 the rest of the way, what then? Can they count on no less than six teams failing to rise to the occasion and win 90 games? That's a lot for the trailing team in an eight-team race to hope for, no matter how well they play the rest of the way."

So far, the Expos have gone to Herculean hitting heights to get the ball rolling on such a surge. They have won four in a row, including the last three against the Phillies via generous dosages of run scoring. Because of this outburst, they are, at the moment, the adult in charge in the National League wild-card race. Why? Because they are the only team involved that has managed to post a plus-.500 record over the last 10 games:

Montreal: 6-4
St. Louis: 5-5
Los Angeles: 5-5
Chicago: 4-6
Arizona: 4-6
Florida: 3-7
Philadelphia: 2-8
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