Write Back: In support of Hudson

Updated: August 28, 2003, 8:29 AM ET
By Jim Baker
In discussing the American League Cy Young Award candidates on Wednesday, I called attention to the fact that Tim Hudson has received better run support than his mates. That brought a number of responses like this:

    Jim: Regarding Hudson, you mention that he has had a lot of run support, and certainly last week's 17 runs v. Toronto supports that. But if you look closer, that run support has come in a very small number of games. Tim has at least 11 no decisions, and most of those came when the A's scored zero or one run. Generally, Hudson has had little to no run support over the course of the season. As an aside, four of Foulke's five blown saves have come in Hudson starts (the A's have gone on to win all of these).

    All of that said, I think it is Loaiza's to lose. He has had a great season.
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