Sick feeling down in Clemson

Updated: September 3, 2003, 2:23 PM ET
By Gregg Doyel | Special to ESPN Insider
OK, folks, this is just gross. You want to know why Clemson quarterback Charlie Whitehurst fumbled one of those snaps in the Tigers' 30-0 loss Saturday to Georgia? Center Tommy Sharpe had just vomited on the ball, then presented it between his legs to Whitehurst. Nice guy, right? It gets worse. After the series Sharpe went to the sideline and puked on coach Tommy Bowden's shoes.

It gets no better for Bowden, whose job security is again being debated by Clemson fans, and frankly, the fans wanting Bowden to go are winning that debate. The facts are on their side.

For example: Fourth-and-2 at the Georgia goal line, and Bowden calls for a pass? From Duane Coleman, the tailback? To Whitehurst, the quarterback? There's a time for taking chances, and that wasn't it.