Milloy will complement Bills' young corners

Updated: September 4, 2003, 12:02 PM ET
By By Darrell Trimble | NFL Insider
With the possible exception of the NFC South, the AFC East is considered the toughest, most balanced division in football. So much so that the Buffalo Bills, who finishes in the cellar last year at 8-8, were only one game out of first place.

The reason the Bills aren't wearing the division crown is simple -- their defense gave up more ground than the French Army. So the front office went to work this offseason and signed big-name defensive free agents like linebackers Takeo Spikes and Jeff Posey, and tackle Sam Adams. Those moves made the Bills the chic pick as an up-and-coming team that would reach the postseason, but there was still something missing.

That something was wideout Peerless Price, whose deep speed gave the offense an explosiveness it doesn't have now. With Josh Reed struggling to take Price's place and the third receiver spot a question mark, the Bills were primed for a big offensive letdown. And while there are still legitimate concerns about Drew Bledsoe's ability to mimic last season without his top deep threat, the Bills' defense took another major step toward offsetting any dropoff in production.