Writers Bloc: Orioles should keep Hargrove

Updated: September 10, 2003, 8:51 AM ET
By Jim Baker
  • Thomas Boswell has a message for the Orioles: extend the contract of manager Mike Hargrove. Boswell writes in today's Washington Post that Hargrove is the best man for the job because he has done yeoman service with a team bereft of decent talent.

  • Last winter there was a rumor floating around that the Montreal Expos would be spending the season in Boston, playing at Fenway Park when the Red Sox were not using it. Instead, they ended up splitting their schedule between Montreal and San Juan, Puerto Rico. This arrangement has angered their players and given them reason to believe it has kept them out of contention. To alleviate their traveling burden, Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune suggests they spend 2004 in Chicago, playing as the city's third big league club.

  • Bill Mueller for MVP? OK, we're listening. Tony Massarotti of the Boston Herald makes the pitch for the Red Sox third baseman's candidacy. It's not so much a serious pitch but a platform to point out what a fine season he is having.

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