McGrady better off without Hill

Orlando has a player who may be the best in the league and one who is keeping them from becoming the best team.

Originally Published: August 13, 2003
By By Terry Brown | NBA Insider
Grant Hill wants to play this season even at the risk of possibly never playing again. Depending on who you ask in the Orlando Magic organization, they want Hill to sit out this season in the hope that he can return next year with a stronger ankle that has already been cut open by a doctor four times since joining the franchise in 2000.

But did anyone bother to ask Tracy McGrady?

"Three years ago, we were all in love with Vince Carter," said one NBA scout. "We had no idea that Tracy McGrady could score 30 points a game. So in that respect, he has become a better player without Grant Hill on the floor. He handles the ball better. He's better at getting off his shot. But is he a better passer? Is he a better rebounder? Is he a better defender? But would we even care if he wasn't scoring 30 points a game in the first place?"