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Updated: September 10, 2003, 11:37 AM ET
By By Terry Brown | NBA Insider
Washington Wizards: It didn't take long for newly signed point guard Gilbert Arenas to make his first campaign promise after arriving in our nation's capital."I want to thank everyone sitting here for giving me a chance and believing in my talent," Arenas said in the Washington Times. "This year is going to be very exciting. I can prove it, and I'm gonna do it. We're going to make the playoffs. I'm going to work hard, my team is going to work hard, and we're going to do everything to make the playoffs. That's it." After winning last year's Most Improved Player award, Arenas became a restricted free agent and was given $65 million to leave the Golden State Warriors and join the Wizards. "I'm like Gilbert," Abe Pollin, the guy who will be writing the $65 million check, said. "I say we're going to go to the playoffs, too."

Denver Nuggets: The Rocky Mountain News is reporting that Voshon Lenard will become the fourth free agent guard to join the Denver Nuggets this off season just as soon as the his wife gives birth to their son. He will then join the team with a multi-year contract alongside newcomers Andre Miller, Earl Boykins and Jon Barry.

New Orleans Hornets: P.J. Brown is eager to get back into the action after re-signing with the Hornets for $34 million over four seasons. Too bad his left ankle isn't showing the same enthusiasm after having bone fragments removed from it last month. "He's eager and he's anxious to get out and start running, which he has not been given clearance to do, but he feels like he's at the point where he could," Hornets coach Tim Floyd said in the New Orleans Times Picayune. "He's been up here (at the Alario Center) every day working." Doctors say that it will be at least another week before he begins running. "I'm just trying to take the necessary steps so I won't re-injure myself," Brown said. "It was hard to get the surgery done, because I thought it would set me back from being ready. But now I'm glad I got it done. There was a big knot (on the ankle) and they took it out and it feels much better now."