NFL Power Points: The AFC rules

The AFC clearly rules, at least according to the Power Points. The top three spots and seven of the top nine belong to AFC teams. Plus, the Seahawks, one of the two NFC teams at the top of the rankings, was an AFC team just two years ago.

The Broncos move to No. 1 after spanking the Raiders on Monday Night Football. The Chiefs are right behind them after scoring touchdowns on offense, defense, and special teams for the second week in a row. All three of their units rank in the top five.

Our Power Points runs the season over and over to calculate its final numbers, so teams that are on a bye week can still see their ratings change based on how their previous opponents performed. For example, the Cowboys and Bears both slipped despite having the week off. For the Cowboys, the Falcons' blowout loss to Tampa Bay hurt, because half of the data used to calculate Dallas' power rating is from its week 1 win over Atlanta. With the Falcons appearing less impressive now than they did two weeks ago, the Cowboys' early victory loses some luster, as well.