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Updated: September 25, 2003, 5:03 PM ET
By Jim Baker

American League
Detroit Tigers: In baseball's old days, an also-ran that knocked a contending team for a loop would often receive gifts from the contender it benefited. Now that players make more money than oil sheiks, one doesn't hear much talk along those lines anymore. Dmitri Young of the Tigers is trying to revive the practice it appears. "The Twins had better give us some of that playoff share. Torii Hunter and Jacque Jones should write me a check." The Twins have beaten the Tigers 14 of 15 times while Detroit beat Chicago eight times. La Velle E. Neal, III has the story ...The Twins success is actually good news for the Tigers. Because they will not be chasing a pennant this weekend in Detroit, Minnesota plans to give a lot of rest to its regulars and not let its starter pitchers go as long as usual. John Gage of the Detroit News reports that Twins manager Ron Gardenhire plans to get his people rested for their series against the Yankees. The Tigers need to win one of the four-game series to avoid having the worst winning percentage since the 1917 A's. They need to win three of the games to avoid tying the 1962 New York Mets for the most losses in a season since 1900.

Minnesota Twins: Kenny Rogers and the city of New York do not get along especially well. He has had a poor record pitching in postseason games for the Mets and Yankees and now faces the prospect of pitching there again next week, this time with the Twins. However, his opportunity for self-redemption may actually come as a relief pitcher, writes Pat Borzi of the New York Times.
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