NFL Mismatches in Week 4

Reggie Wayne was the Colts' star last week, but against the Saints, Marvin Harrison will return to the forefront.

Updated: September 26, 2003, 12:32 PM ET
By By Ryan Early | NFL Insider
The game of pro football is predicated on individual match-ups. Coaches seek out a match-up in their favor and devise a game plan to take advantage. Each week we preview one lopsided match-up that should make an impact on the game, either through its exploitation or in changing a team's plans to try to compensate.

Even though we are just three weeks into the season, several teams are already being decimated by injuries. Less talented and inexperienced backups are getting more playing time and will be forced to prove their mettle early on.

Chiefs at Ravens
QB Trent Green vs. QB Kyle Boller
There are a lot of similarities between these two teams as both offenses are heavily running back dependent. Jamal Lewis and Priest Holmes rank 1-2 in the league in total yards from scrimmage. Holmes was even the Ravens' feature back but then lost the job to Jamal Lewis before joining the Chiefs. Both teams have excellent offensive lines to help make their way through NFL defenses as easy as possible. The main difference is the teams' passing attacks. The Ravens pass only when they have to, as they have a rookie starting quarterback in Kyle Boller and their best receiver is their tight end. Boller has an AFC low 53.9 passer rating after averaging a pathetic 4 yards per passing attempt. The Chiefs, on the other hand, average 8.25 yards per attempt as Trent Green completes a high percentage of passes thanks to the extra attention defenses give Holmes. He does have a tendency to be too aggressive and has thrown five interceptions so far this year. He has gotten away with that so far because the team has gotten multiple scores out of their defense and special teams, but it could come back to bite him eventually.