Who's still on the trading block?

Insider's Chad Ford takes a look at a few players who could be on the move before the start of the regular season.

Updated: October 23, 2003, 4:48 AM ET
By Chad Ford | NBA Insider
Now that the shock of the Antoine Walker-Raef LaFrentz deal has worn off, inquiring minds want to know -- will more big deals happen before the start of the regular season?

Several NBA GMs told Insider on Tuesday that there has been a lot of talk the past week about potential moves.

"I just think it's natural," one GM said. "Once you get to camp, you want to sit back for a few weeks and see what you've actually got. You watch the practices, analyze a few preseason games and you start to form opinions about what the team still lacks. Then you pick up the phone and see if you can't make something happen before the regular season gets underway."

Chad Ford

ESPN Senior Writer