Peep Show

Lynch Lynch

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: S John Lynch is listed as doubtful on the team's injury report, but he is
prepared to play against Dallas this week. Lynch said his injury can be
identified as either a stinger or burner, which flared up once before the
Washington game Oct. 12 and again last Sunday against the Niners. There is
nerve damage in his right shoulder and it is affecting his arm. While he
waits for the nerve to "calm down,'' rest is the best remedy. "I have had
it before,'' Lynch told the Tampa Tribune. "Unfortunately, now it has
happened three weeks in a row, so that's the only reason you'd have to sit
back for a week. I still have some hope that it will improve and we will see
where that takes us Sunday.''

Washington Redskins: There's more trouble on the Beltway. There are rumblings that coach Steve
Spurrier is losing his team. In a recent meeting of the special teams unit,
coach Mike Stock was analyzing game video and began telling DL Ladairis
Jackson what he did right on a play and what he did wrong. Finally, one of
the Redskins spoke up and said of Jackson: "Coach, he's not here. He's been
cut." It was then the players knew that Stock had no idea about the move
and some suspected that Spurrier didn't either. "We have a head coach who
starts sentences off with, `If it's O.K. with the owner, I'm going to ...
'do this and that before he talks about his actions and cuts, a head coach
who doesn't know about players already cut, and now we're bringing in
consultants in what is supposed to be his area of expertise," one Redskins
player, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the Washington Post. "How
does that not negatively affect your other coaches, especially the
coordinators, when you hire consultants in the middle of the season?" The
Redskins, who have already lost three games in a row, could see their season
nosedive if things don't get straightened out quickly.

Pittsburgh Steelers: The team improved the depth on its thin offensive line Wednesday by signing
veteran T Barrett Brooks, a second-round draft choice of the Philadelphia
Eagles in 1995. "He was the best available player who was out there at this
time," coach Bill Cowher told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "We'll see
what contribution, if any, he will be able to make on Sunday." Brooks,
(6'4", 325) was released by the New York Giants at the end of training camp
this year after being out of football in 2001.