Will Kobe bolt the Lakers this summer?

Since the start of training camp, the chances of Kobe Bryant playing elsewhere next year have grown considerably.

Originally Published: October 27, 2003
By Chad Ford | NBA Insider
From the breathless reports on draft night that Kobe Bryant was (gasp!) going to exercise an opt out in his contract this summer to the rape trial of the century, we've always known that there was a small chance that after this season, Kobe would be filing for divorce from the Lakers.

However, since the opening moment of training camp in Hawaii, the chances that Kobe goes elsewhere next summer (assuming he's not in prision) appear to have exponentially grown.

A source close to Bryant told Insider that Kobe has been dismayed by a perceived lack of support from his teammates and coach Phil Jackson. He also felt that the addition of players like Gary Payton and Karl Malone were unnecessary.

Chad Ford

ESPN Senior Writer