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Updated: October 30, 2003, 11:11 AM ET
By By Terry Brown | NBA Insider
Dallas Mavericks: Nick Van Exel doesn't want to get mad at Mavs owner Mark Cuban for trading him away without even a phone call. He just wants to get even. "He's lucky I'm a nice guy," Van Exel said in the Dallas Morning News. "I got a lot of friends who wanted to get his address. But seriously, it's the cruelest part of the business . . . When you first [go to a team], they say this and that and you're under the impression that this guy may end up being a friend. And then to not get a phone call and you find out you are dealt, that's the part of the business I really don't like. That's telling me as a person that you really don't have any respect for me. Like our little thing that we went through for a year and a half really meant nothing."

Chicago Bulls: The Bulls plan on honoring former general manager Jerry Krause on Friday. Well, not all of the Bulls. "I don't want to be there to witness it," Scottie Pippen said in the Chicago Tribune. "I'm going to leave it at that." The feud between the two has been running for several years but hasn't yet infected everyone on the team. "It was a blast from the past and felt real good to see him," Curry said. "Me, Jamal and Tyson, we feel like we're trying to make him proud. He comes back and sees us continue to grow. I think he likes that."