Baseball returning to prominence

Baseball, it seems, is waking up with the hangover it
got from partying too hard at contract time back in
2000 and our own Peter Gammons has a very interesting
take on the situation. Focusing on Manny Ramirez, he
points out that the union needs to take some of the
blame for that

  • The Marlins are sure to be an inspiration to many
    other baseball teams, but do they have legs beyond
    their own sport? Ethan J. Skolnick of the South
    Florida Sun-Sentinel discusses how the Marlins'
    success will impact the town's more famous denizen,
    the Dolphins.

  • John Erardi of the Cincinnati Enquirer has the latest
    from baseball's favorite outcast, Pete Rose. He also
    suggests some famous real and fictitious characters
    that Rose should emulate.