Fans not thrilled with Guillen hiring

There is no way a man should cut his managerial teeth on a major league team.

Updated: November 6, 2003, 8:12 AM ET
By Jim Baker | MLB Insider
The hiring of Ozzie Guillen to manage the White Sox and his subsequent statements to the press inspired this reader letter:

    Jim: There seem to be two types of managers. On one hand we have those who used their experience to figure out what helps teams win. And then there are those who seem to believe that they must recast their team into a reflection of what they themselves used to be as a player -- sort of "I was this type of player, I was good, so therefore a good team must be players like I was."

    Ozzie Guillen seems to be shaping up to be the latter, although obviously, it's far too early to judge. Still, from Tuesday's Chicago Tribune: "I think defense is underrated in this game. I've always believed that in baseball a team has to play good defense. You don't play good defense, you never win a game."

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