Maddux a good choice for Padres?

Padres GM Kevin Towers seems smitten with the notion of Greg Maddux helping out the team's young starters.

Updated: November 7, 2003, 12:27 PM ET
By Jim Baker | MLB Insider
As part of the San Diego Padres' makeover rampage that includes a new stadium, they revealed new uniforms yesterday. Not to get all HGTV on you, but here's my critique:

Home white: Pedestrian. It looks like any number of uniforms already being worn around the sport. Reader Jack Moulds compares it not too favorably to the Brewers uni and that's a pretty good call. They also have this new logo that features a crashing wave. Well, "crashing" is probably the wrong choice of adjective. It's really sort of flowing more than crashing. Well, it is the Pacific Ocean, after all.

Home dark: Raise your hand if you've had your fill of these stupid dark jerseys that most teams sport. First of all, they don't even look like major league quality shirts. At least the Padres version buttons. The ones that look like nothing more than practice jerseys. My favorite silly baseball practice is having teams wear these during day games while they wear the whites at night. I'm surprised the players' union hasn't gotten after them for that. I can't imagine anything hotter than wearing a black jersey at Pro Player Stadium on a steamy Sunday afternoon, unless it's doing the same thing in one of the other sun-intensive ballparks. Another bad idea is when both teams come out in their dark jerseys for the same game. That makes some very confusing visuals.

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