Tight Fit

Todd Heap may be the squeaky-cleanest player ever to be on a pro bowl mission.

Originally Published: November 10, 2003
By Tom Friend | ESPN The Magazine
"Dang it!"
-- Todd Heap after instant replay stole one of his touchdowns.

There's Jeremy Shockey, and then there's the Stormin' Mormon. He doesn't curse, doesn't drink and doesn't intend to miss a Pro Bowl for the next 12 years. HBO put him on the map, then Tony Siragusa put him in his place, and one of these days he may even spike his first football. "He's the anti-Shockey," says Heap's friend and teammate, kicker Matt Stover.

He's just an average, ordinary All-Pro tight end who's never called anyone "homo." Church and family come first, winning the AFC North comes second and, other than that, he's just hoping his fellow Baltimore Raven's don't secretly pour vodka into his bottled water. "They're always threatening that," Heap says.

Tom Friend

ESPN Senior Writer
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