Peep Show

Updated: November 14, 2003, 10:43 AM ET
By By Terry Brown | NBA Insider
Miami Heat: There's one thing wrong with Eddie Jones hitting all those 3-pointers lately. "I think my mid-range game is suffering," he said in the Palm Beach Post. "I've always been a really good mid-range shooter, and that's what I'm more upset with, that 18-foot shot. But my three-point shot is pretty consistent right now. And also the fact that I'm attacking I think it opens so much more for me offensively." Jones is shooting a career-best 43 percent from long range while shooting only 42 percent overall.

Dallas Mavericks: Head coach Don Nelson isn't liking the spotlight of national television quite as much anymore. "You can't swear as much because they got you miked on the bench," Nelson said in the Dallas Morning News. "But I get just as many technical fouls for not swearing as I do for swearing. I got one last game for saying 'three seconds.' I'm hoping Dick Motta will make a comeback and take that record back away from me -- most technical fouls for a career as coach." Actually, Motta still holds the record for technical fouls at 398 but Nelson holds the record for ejections with 64.

Indiana Pacers: If Jermaine O'Neal makes a shot, then clap. I he misses, then boo. He just wanted to get that all straight. "If I offended anybody by the comments I made about us not wanting to be booed and that we shouldn't be booed, I totally apologize," O'Neal said in the Indianapolis Star. "This city knows what they mean not only to me, but this organization and this team. When I put on my jersey, I'm proud to say I'm playing for this city. It wasn't a personal thing." O'Neal had made a previous comment that if booing fans thought they could do better, he could find a uniform for them.