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Updated: November 18, 2003, 12:38 PM ET
By By Darrell Trimble | ESPN Insider
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The team may want to add yellow to its color scheme because no other squad has as many penalty yards (792). And the type of infraction that gets under coach Jon Gruden's skin the most is the false start, of which the Bucs have had eight in their last three games. "To me, that's just a lack of concentration," Gruden told the Tampa Tribune. "Whether it's complacency, lack of details or whatever, it's just intolerable. It's totally unacceptable and frankly I'm disgusted with it." The offensive line is of particular concern to Gruden and he suggested that he may shake up his offensive line this week. "We've got to do anything we can to stimulate our football team, whether that be the return of a player from injury or the reshuffling of the lineup here or there," he said. Gruden could take LT Roman Oben, who is returning from a broken right hand, and start him in place of T Kenyatta Walker. He could also take G Jason Whittle, who is returning from a shoulder sprain, and insert him in place of RG Cosey Coleman.

Indianapolis Colts: The Colts gave up 41 points in last year's playoff loss to the New York Jets, and the talk was that the defense would have to drastically improve if they wanted to advance in the postseason. The same questions resurfaced Sunday when they gave up 31 points to the Jets on only 34 plays, but coach Tony Dungy feels better about the state of his D after watching video of the game. He saw the Colts hold the Jets to 10 points during the first half and scoreless during the fourth quarter. "It's just the process of about six plays in the third quarter that ruined the whole game," Dungy told the Indianapolis Star. "I thought I'd really be upset with the defense, but it was really just some dumb plays that we can get corrected."

Philadelphia Eagles: CB Bobby Taylor will be a free agent next season, and his agent is making it difficult for him to return to Philadelphia. Taylor's agent, Jason Medlock, accused the Eagles of rushing his client back too quickly from a right-foot strain. "The Eagles started him on a rehab against the doctor's orders," Medlock told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "The doctor here in Houston told Bobby to stay off his foot for three or four weeks. He told him not to do anything. Then he comes back and they blatantly overplay him in his first game back and set back his progress. For the record, we're upset here in Houston. We feel like it was totally mishandled. I don't know if upset is the word. We're furious. I don't know what the process is in that training room, but somebody needs to take accountability. He should not have been playing, and now they have egg on their face." However, the doctor who examined Taylor Monday said Medlock's claim was unfounded. "When this all occurred, I talked to [Eagles team physician Peter DeLuca] and told him the way I thought we should go about it," foot specialist Mark Myerson said. "It's one of those injuries that if you can come back and play with it, so be it. Some people need more rest. He wasn't rushed back at all. That's not the case." Myerson is the doctor who treated S Brian Dawkins' Lisfranc sprain.