Peep Show

Odom Odom

Miami Heat: Just to make sure his new superstar doesn't get lost out there on the court, Heat head coach Stan Van Gundy wants to keep Lamar Odom busy by keeping the ball in his hands. "I don't know if it's something he wanted, but I know it's something he is handling very well and accepting very well and seems to not be shying away from it all," Van Gundy said in the Miami Herald. "In fact, I think it's made him more aggressive. You have to play through him, it seems to me. When he's sort of out there on his own if you're not running stuff for him, or at least through him, you can lose him in a game, and we don't want to do that. So we're trying to get the ball in his hands as much as we can."

Dallas Mavericks: And now starting at center for the Dallas Mavericks . . . Antoine Walker. "The question is: Can we defensively do better with our guys than they can with a mismatch? And I think we can," Mavs owner Mark Cuban said in the Dallas Morning News. "Having Antoine Walker being guarded by a 'big' like that, a center, we exploit it every time." Even opposing coaches are agreeing. "He gives them some size," San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich said. "It's not just that he's out there on the floor. He's inside, he's going to the offensive board, he's taking it to the hole, he's posting up. It's another dimension they didn't have. I thought he did a real good job."

Lue Lue

Orlando Magic: This isn't exactly what the Doc ordered, which is why Tyronn Lue sees Johnny Davis as a healthy change. "JD is going to let us play freer, and I really think that will help guys relax," Lue said in Florida Today. "He's letting me call a few more of the plays when things break down. Johnny told me, 'You are our point guard and I want you running the offense. When stuff happens, call a play and get us in the right set.' "