Good teams have more room for error

Updated: November 24, 2003, 3:43 PM ET
By By Ryan Early | NFL Insider
It is no secret in the NFL that being on top of the turnover differential will give you a big leg up in winning the game. Heading into Week 12, the team that won the turnover battle had won the game 82.4 percent of the time this season.

But on Sunday, of the 12 games that had uneven turnovers, five teams overcame the disadvantage to win the game. All five of those teams had a better record than their opponent heading into the contest. So an argument can be made that they overcame those turnovers simply because they were the better team.

Brett Favre three three INTs, but was still able to celebrate a victory on Sunday.
The Rams put this trend in the headlines a few weeks ago when they arrogantly stated that they weren't concerned too much about turnovers as it was simply an occasional by-product of aggressively throwing the ball, and their offense was still putting up about 30 points each week. But they soon learned to realize that they couldn't overcome that disadvantage every week.