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Updated: November 25, 2003, 9:19 AM ET
By By Terry Brown | NBA Insider
Philadelphia 76ers: It's true. Larry Brown really did coach the Allen Iverson and the Sixers once upon a time. "But he's the enemy now, so that's all you have to look at," Eric Snow said in the Philadelphia Daily News "It's nothing personal. Well, not me, but it may be to some other people. He was the enemy the day he left here, even more of an enemy the day he took the Detroit job. That's the team that put us out of the playoffs. You always want to beat that team; it probably adds a little more incentive to it." So, no hugs, no kisses when Brown returns for the next Pistons-Sixers game? " . . . coming in [our] building, he's the enemy, and that's that," Iverson said. "He's not with us anymore . . . A lot of fans in Philadelphia probably feel betrayed. A lot of people feel hurt. Just like me. I'm hurt, too...I was hurt over the whole thing, too, especially with [Brown's joining] a team that knocked us out of the playoffs."

Cleveland Cavaliers: Ira Newble was suspended first. Now, it's Ricky Davis and Michael Stewart. Who's next? "Based on conversations Paul [Silas] and I had, we don't feel it's in our best interests to have them around the team," general manager Jim Paxson said in the Cleveland Plain Dealer after telling reporters that Davis and Stewart would not be traveling with the team. Davis wouldn't elaborate when reached by phone later. "I respect the decision of the organization," he said. "All I want to see is for us to be successful. If the team believes this will help then I support it."

Boston Celtics: Paul Pierce is handing out dresses for any teammates who think they need them. "I think we're one of the softest teams in the league," he told the Boston Globe. "It all comes down to toughness. It just seems when the tough get going, we start running. Teams push us around, we don't push back. We have to get some toughness." He wasn't done just yet. "We just don't understand how to win," he said. "We get leads at the half and we settle on it and don't compete for the rest of the game. I don't want to blame this on us being a young team, and we've just come together, but it's got to get to a point where everybody's on the same page and knows what we have to do to finish ballgames. We're not doing enough sacrificing right now to get over the top."