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Updated: November 26, 2003, 9:44 AM ET
By By Terry Brown | NBA Insider
Washington Wizards: Gilbert Arenas will tell you that he's 100 percent and ready to play again after severely straining his abdominal muscle a few days ago but he'd be lying. "You always like the fact that a guy thinks he's ready to contribute," general manager Ernie Grunfeld said in the Washington Times. "We're just going to have to monitor the situation. You have to be careful with it and not think that he's 100 percent if he's not. If he is, he's the one that knows." He has been placed on the injured list which usually requires a player to sit out five games but since the Wizards have only 11 players on their roster, he can return sooner.

San Antonio Spurs: Back up point guard Anthony Carter is down again after being back up again after hurting his knee during the second game of the season. "I can't do nothing about it," Carter said in the San Antonio Express News. "We've tried everything. Medication. Rest. Some strengthening exercises. It's just not working right now." The Spurs are now openly wondering if the extent of tendinitis problems was not kept hidden from them when they signed the veteran player during the off season. "I didn't come here to sit on the side and watch the game from the baseline," said Carter. "I came here to play and to try to win. I'm in a new situation, trying to jump-start my career again. This is just a big disappointment."

Philadelphia 76ers: Glenn Robinson only wishes it was a normal ankle injury that has been keeping him out of all these games. "I thought it was just a regular ankle sprain, and that was like four weeks ago," Robinson said in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "Each day is getting more and more frustrating. I started out well, but it was still giving me trouble. I thought it would get better, within at least seven to eight days, like a normal sprain. But after 10 days, it was actually worse." He was placed in injured reserve Tuesday.