Mays the greatest living player

Updated: December 1, 2003, 8:17 AM ET
By Jim Baker | MLB Insider
  • It is no secret that the Twins (and Vikings) are trying to get the good people of Minnesota to pony up for new stadiums in spite of the fact that their existing facility is barely 20 years old. Before real money starts getting thrown around, however, Bob von Sternberg of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune says there is a cautionary tale unfolding in neighboring Wisconsin with the Brewers and Miller Park.

  • How is Curt Schilling's personality going to play in Boston? Dan Bickley of the Arizona Republic wonders how the Schilling ego is going to take to the media frenzy that accompanies citizenship in Red Sox Nation.

  • With the addition of Curt Schilling -- even at a discounted rate -- the Boston payroll has nowhere to go but up, writes Bob Hohler of the Globe. With a host of other players eligible for salary arbitration and more still heading to free agency after next season, there are expensive times ahead.
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