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Updated: December 1, 2003, 8:19 AM ET
By Jim Baker

American League

Chicago White Sox: The problem with being a top free agent is that there are only a limited number of teams that can afford you. So, when one of those teams moves in another direction, a small field of suitors gets even smaller. Such is the case with Bartolo Colon. Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune writes that there just simply a whole lot of teams out there who can afford to sign him for the kind of money he wants and that could possibly work in the White Sox favor.

Minnesota Twins: The Twins would like to retain the services of LaTroy Hawkins, but may not have enough money available to carry out that desire. Jim Souhan of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune writes they are trying to free enough salary to offer him about $4 million per season but it is believed he's looking for more like $5 million. Will the Yankees make an offer of that magnitude? Souhan reports that while New York has been in touch with Hawkins' agent, they have yet to even make an initial offer. Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune adds that the Cubs also have their eye on Mr. Hawkins.

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