Red Sox beating Yanks to the punch

Updated: December 2, 2003, 8:25 AM ET
By Jim Baker | MLB Insider
  • The Red Sox and Cubs both left the playoffs in heartbreaking style but, writes Bruce Jenkins of the San Francisco Chronicle, they are certainly off to a good start in the postseason. The trades for, respectively, Curt Schilling and Derrek Lee make them World Series favorites, he believes.

  • How do you keep an old rivalry fresh? Add a new twist to it. In recent years, the Red Sox and Yankees have begun battling in the offseason as well on the field, going after the same players and generating a lot of publicity in the process. This has had a positive effect for the sport, writes Thomas Boswell of the Washington Post. It has kept baseball in the headlines at the expense of hockey, basketball and even the NFL.

  • Except for the Rangers, the teams in the American League West are not taking the offseason lightly. Darrin Beene of the News Tribune says the Angels may be ready to bust out the money stick and start shaking it at various free agents including Kaz Matsui, Vlad Guerrero or Miguel Tejada.

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