Expos banking on Rivera, Johnson

The acquisition of Javier Vazquez could prove to be one of the monumental trades in Yankee history.

Updated: December 5, 2003, 11:58 AM ET
By Jim Baker | MLB Insider
When the Red Sox and Yankees catch a cold, the nation reaches for their tissues and there was a lot of sneezing going on this week to beat the old Walter O'Malley/National League metaphor into the ground. With both New York and Boston involved in major deals for front-line pitchers, MLB Insider readers had a lot to say about the goings on.

    Jim: Is there an anti-Yankees conspiracy afoot? Well, the obvious answer is, "yes." Let's look at the recent trades involving the only real chip that the Yanks have, Nick Johnson.

    First there was the potential trade with Arizona. I'd consider Johnson for Curt Schilling a fair trade, because you're getting a cheap, budding star for an older, established star. Then the D-Backs turn around and say they want Alfonso Soriano too? Are they on crack? And then, they turn around and trade him to Boston for a bunch of donkey crap (or at least nothing of note.)

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