Leap Year

It may be the season of LeBron, but Ronald Murray and some other sleepers are creating their own shots, too.

Originally Published: December 8, 2003
By Jerry Bembry | ESPN The Magazine

Admit it. You checked the box scores when the Sonics won their first two games in Japan. You saw "Murray" dropped 24 and 22 and thought, "Hey, is Lamond still in the league?" Yeah, he is -- but the Murray who opened the season torching the nets for Seattle? That would be Ronald Murray, a.k.a. Flip, a.k.a. the guy you've never seen, from a school you never heard of, doing things even he never dreamed of.

Feel a little blindsided? Join the club. While we're on the subject, who's that new point guard in Utah, or that shot-swatter in Philly? That big man with Golden State looks familiar, but he plays like someone else. And like you knew Carlos Boozer would be the best of that Dukie draft class of 2002, or that Quentin Richardson would be the best, period, of the class of 2000. Don't know about you, but we're keeping an eye on Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje.