NBA Draft: Down year for sophomores

The cream of the high school class of 2001 has already been skimmed off. Amare Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh head the class and all three players look like they will be all-stars for years to come in the league.

"That class was pretty top heavy," one NBA scout said. "With the exception of Bosh and Stoudemire, there just weren't a lot of big men. Most of the really talented players left in the class are guards. That's a little disappointing, but there are some talented kids left."

Any given sophomore class is usually pay dirt for NBA scouts. Very few players leave after their freshman year, meaning the class is mostly intact. And, with two years of college ball under their belts, the really talented sophomores are usually ready to make the jump to the NBA and make an impact right away.

This year may be a little different. "The depth isn't there quite the way we like," one scout said. "I look at every player on this list and my gut reaction is for them to go back to school for one more year. I usually can point to two or three sophomores and say they're ready. It's a little tougher this year."

He's right. With the exception of Arizona's Andre Iguodala and Florida's Christian Drejer, scouts were split on almost every other prospect from the class.

Here's a quick look at 10 sophomores whom scouts will be watching this season.