Steinbrenner drawn to dark side

George Steinbrenner inexplicably dissed the classy Andy Pettitte while he curries the favor of Kevin Brown.

Updated: December 12, 2003, 9:02 AM ET
By Jim Baker | MLB Insider
  • Steve Dilbeck nails the Dodger perspective on the Kevin Brown-for-Jeff Weaver deal when he asks: is that all there is? In other words, it had better not stop here. If the Dodgers are serious about competing and not just dumping salary, then this had better be the opening move of a chess game that includes another trade or a major free agent signing for somebody like Miguel Tejada or Vladimir Guerrero. Read his spot-on column in the Los Angeles Daily News.

  • Is there something pathological in the behavior of George Steinbrenner? Is he somehow drawn to players on the dark side? What else can explain his dissing of a stable Andy Pettitte while he curries the favor of eternal emotional question marks like Kevin Brown and Gary Sheffield? Johnette Howard of Newsday wants to know what his fascination is with these extreme personality types?

  • Pedro speaks! After spending most of the 2003 season in full media blackout mode, Red Sox ace Pedro Martinez has a lot on his mind. Michael Silverman has an edited transcript of a lengthy interview with him in today's Boston Herald.
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