Tigers trying to close Missouri's borders

Updated: December 17, 2003, 3:58 PM ET
By Tom Lemming |
It's been long assumed that Missouri was a sleeping giant. If Mizzou could just corral the majority of the players, a powerhouse could be built. The Tigers have never been able to do it and still may not do it, but things are starting to improve. The Tigers have parlayed success on the field, QB Brad Smith getting lots of attention and a much more aggressive staff into some significant early results.

Quarterback Chase Patton will stay home and play for the Tigers.
The Missouri Tigers have made a major move over the past few days. Getting QB Chase Patton from Columbia (Rock Bridge), Mo. was a huge catch for the Tigers and gives them two really good quarterback commits. Mizzou's other QB commit is Mack Breed from San Antonio (Jay), Texas. Breed, who missed most of the year due to an injury, has a great arm and terrific speed. If the Tigers hold on to both players, there should be some terrific battles on the practice fields in Columbia over the next few years.

The Tigers are also fighting it out for Kansas City Rockhurst super back Tony Temple with Kansas State. If Missouri can land Temple too, it would mark the first time in many years that the Tigers land the majority of top players in Missouri.