Dumars says Pistons' window just opening

NBA executive of the year Joe Dumars decided this summer to begin blowing up the team with the best record in the East. Was he crazy or are the Pistons on the verge of something much better?

Updated: December 18, 2003, 3:39 PM ET
By Chad Ford | NBA Insider
Chad wrap with Chad Ford

Take Joe Dumars' 2003 Executive of the Year award back.

Keep pointing fingers at the man many feel is the brightest young executive in the NBA. Keep questioning every time Rick Carlisle leads the Pacers to another victory. Shake your head a little bit every time Carmelo Anthony drops a 20-and-10. Roll your eyes while Cliff Robinson dominates and Bobby Sura sits at the end of the bench.

Do all of that, but remember this: In two years, when this Pistons' team is completely rebuilt and competing for an NBA Championship, not an Eastern Conference one, remember the summer of 2003, when Dumars boldly began tearing apart the team with the best record in the East. Dumars is willing to be judged for what he did this summer. He's just asking for a little patience.

Chad Ford

ESPN Senior Writer