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Updated: December 18, 2003, 10:03 AM ET
By Jim Baker

American League

Baltimore Orioles: Could it be that Sidney Ponson's stay away from Baltimore will be limited to the ten games he started for the Giants at the end of last season? The Orioles only traded him after he turned down a three-year, $21 million deal and Ponson has stated he never really wanted to leave the Bird fold. Now it appears the two sides might be able to work things out -- as soon as the Orioles get their other loose ends tied up. They might land Ivan Rodriguez or Javy Lopez in the next 48 hours and continue to be a major player in the Vladimir Guerrero game.

Kansas City Royals: Tony Pena attacked by pit bulls? Mauled? In the hospital in the Dominican Republic? No. Not quite. In fact, not even close writes Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star. How do these sorts of rumors get started? The American League Manager of the Year was not even in the Dominican Republic at the time the attack was supposed to have taken place. "Oh, I heard that I was air-lifted to the hospital," Pena told Dutton. "It's all baloney. I'm fine." In other Royals news, the team has signed 33-year old Kelly Stinnett to back up new catcher Benito Santiago.

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