Rodriguez generating mixed reactions

The possibility of Alex Rodriguez in a Boston Red Sox uniform is looking a little dicey.

Updated: December 23, 2003, 10:10 AM ET
By Jim Baker | MLB Insider
It's all A-Rod all the time these days and that's OK. Anything that keeps the game in the headlines during the offseason is a basically a good thing -- unless small children and animals are getting hurt and that isn't the case in this instance as far as I know.

With a supposed 5:00 PM deadline looming today, the possibility of A-Rod in a Red Sox uniform is looking a little dicey. With that in mind, here are a couple of reactions to things I wrote last week on the subject:

    Jim: I'm a diehard Braves fan and I can tell by your article that you really don't care for Scott Boras. I'm sure you already know my position on the guy. If you want to get right down to the simple basics, Scott Boras is a very good agent for the players he represents. Greg Maddux made $14.75 million last year, and Boras had made all sorts of record breaking deals (Kevin Brown and A-Rod). But the man, along with the players' union, is destroying baseball and its economics. I might want Boras to represent me if I were a player, because he can no doubt get me more money than anyone else. But as a fan, the man might be indirectly responsible for a large number of the problems in baseball today. I'm sure all he told Alex Rodriguez, who was more than likely willing to sign for the chicken feed amount of $125 million that the Mariners offered him, was that he could get him much more than that somewhere else. Boras isn't the one who has to play in the bottom of the division for 10 years because he made a deal that was almost impossible to get out of.
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