Peep Show

Updated: December 26, 2003, 10:05 AM ET
By By Terry Brown | NBA Insider
Houston Rockets: At 7-foot-6, Yao Ming doesn't mind being the second-or even third-biggest fish in the pond. "It has been very interesting this season after having experienced the media crush last year," said Yao said in the Denver Post. "This year has been much easier. But I still feel that I have to be careful about what I do and say. Yes, (the Anthony-James) rivalry has definitely taken much of the pressure and attention from me. Earlier this year I was asked what I was thankful for this year, and my answer was LeBron James." He continued. "I was a little disappointed not to win the rookie of the year award last year. I can't say I was surprised because the competition between Amare Stoudemire and myself was very close. He had a very good year as well, and I hope we will be good competitors in the league for many years to come."

Los Angeles Lakers: No one's going to confuse Rick Fox with the fifth Beatle but being the fifth Laker is an entirely different thing as the end of his rehab nears. "I could play if I had to right now," Fox said in the L.A. Daily News. "The last two weeks have been very heartening in the sense that two weeks ago, I was still in that realm of uncertainty. But I feel way beyond the point of uncertainty now, and it's just a matter of continued strength building." He tore a tendon in his left foot last year and hasn't played yet. "That hasn't happened yet," he said. "I'll definitely get better. But I'm capable right now, I think, of plugging in and helping."

Cleveland Cavaliers: He is or he isn't 18-years-old. Tracy McGrady can't even decide between beautiful and the opposite when it comes to describing LeBron James. "He's unbelievable," McGrady said in the Orlando Sentinel. "He's not 18 years old. Can't possibly be. If he continues to work hard and stay hungry, it could be ugly." Wednesday night, McGrady scored 41 to James' 34 to lead the Magic past the Cavs. "He's good, but I'm still beter," McGrady added. And James didn't seem to disagree. "He's an all-star," James said. "He is a future Hall of Famer. Guys like him you cannot stop -- you can only hope to contain him."