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Updated: December 30, 2003, 10:20 AM ET
By By Darrell Trimble | ESPN Insider
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Before the team decides what to do about free-agent DT Warren Sapp, it must hire a new general manager, and coach Jon Gruden said Monday he plans to meet with the Bucs owners on that very matter later this week. He didn't go into many specifics but he did say that director of player personnel Tim Ruskell is "a very serious candidate" for the vacancy. Ruskell is expected to be interviewed later this week or early next week. Bucs assistant GM John Idzik also expects to be interviewed within the next week. Gruden will have a great deal of influence on who gets hired and he laid out what the organization was looking for in a candidate. "Philosophy is going to be a big thing," he told the Tampa Tribune. "I heard a lot about philosophy around here, about how I don't like young players and building through the draft. heard a lot of hogwash to be honest with you. We need to find somebody who, philosophically, comes in here and has the same vision we do, as a staff. Monte Kiffin, Bill Muir, we are going to work together. These are not going to be our players, or my players or his players. These will be our players and we will develop some. We are not going to discriminate between sizes, ages and positions."

Kansas City Chiefs: RB Priest Holmes set the record for touchdowns in a season with 27, but it was QB Trent Green who was named the team's MVP. Green made the Pro Bowl for the first time and finished fourth in passer rating behind Steve McNair, Peyton Manning and Daunte Culpepper. "Trent is our heart and soul," DE Eric Hicks told the Kansas City Star. "He gives us a chance to win every Sunday."

Philadelphia Eagles: For the second consecutive year defensive coordinator Jim Johnson is a candidate for a head-coaching job. The San Francisco 49ers looked at him last offseason and the Arizona Cardinals are interested in him this year. Michael Bidwill, son of Cardinals owner Bill Bidwill, named Johnson, along with former Minnesota Vikings coach Dennis Green, recently fired New York Giants coach Jim Fassel and New England Patriots defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel, as Arizona's top four candidates. Johnson's first coaching job in the NFL was with Bill Bidwill's St. Louis/Arizona Cardinals, from 1986 to 1993, as a defensive line and defensive back coach. Johnson is 62, which would be old for a first-time NFL head coach, but his agent doesn't think that will be a problem. "How old is old?" Bob LaMonte asked the Philadelphia Daily News, noting the success of Cowboys coach Parcells and 67-year-old Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil. "Jim Johnson's reputation over the last 4 years, what he's done particularly this year [when the defense has been ravaged by injury], people have to look at him as a viable candidate." Johnson's only job as head coach was in 1968-69 at Missouri Southern.